Santa Cruz Women of Mystery

One of the latest developments in my writerly life is the formation of Santa Cruz Women of Mystery.

Our logo and cards. Pretty cool, huh?

We are a group of nine mystery writers from Santa Cruz County:  Jenny Carless, Mary Feliz, Mary Flodin, Vinnie Hansen, Katherine Bolger Hyde, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, Leslie Karst, Peggy Townsend, and Nancy Wood.

Here are six of us at a meeting. From left to right: Jenny Carless, Leslie Karst, me, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, Mary Flodin, and Katherine Bolger Hyde.

We write a wide range of mystery from cozies to suspense. And we are in various stages of our careers from pre-published to indie-published to traditionally published. Several of us–Leslie Karst, myself, and Nancy Lynn Jarvis–have set our books in the area, with Mary Feliz’s books take place “over the hill” in Silicon Valley. Mary Flodin’s pre-published manuscript is also set in Santa Cruz County.

We are very excited about this venture to support one another and to amplify our voices! Please find Santa Cruz Women of Mystery on Facebook and Like us.

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