One Gun ARC & Indelible Publication

A few years ago, my husband and I interrupted a burglar in our home. Screaming for help, my husband chased the young man down the street while I frantically dialed 9-1-1. The thief stopped, pulled a gun, and aimed it at my husband’s head . . . .

This real life event serves as the point of departure for ONE GUN, set in a fictional California town. In ONE GUN, the burglar, apprehended an hour after the crime, has ditched the weapon, and the police do not find it. What happens with the tossed gun? That question drives this story.

If you would like to review the book before it launches June 1, ARCs in ebook format are available. Just ">contact me and send your email address.

A riveting book that will tear at your heart as the impact from one gun ricochets through a close-knit community. Vinnie Hansen’s commanding voice weaves a compassionate tale that rings true and clear. You won’t be able to look away. – Edgar-nominated author Susan Bickford

Also, in my last post about the biopsy of my temporal artery and the diagnosis of my auto-immune disease, I promised that this post would be one full of positive writing news. So, to continue, I have a short fiction piece in the latest issue of the beautiful, international literary and art magazine Indelible.

The launch for the Art and Prose section of the publication will be: Sunday, March 13 (3:00 pm UK, 10:00 am EST, 7:00 pm Dubai). That’s a bright and early 7 a.m. here in California. You can sign up with the link below.

Presenters: Hanna Saadeh, Hedy Habra, Rami Ammoun, Adam Wyeth, Samuel Aldridge, Vinnie Hansen, Perla Aurora, Natalie Welsh, Karla Van Vliet

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