Fish or Cut Bait

Fish or Cut Bait, the latest installment in the Guppy Anthology Series, presents a collection of mystery stories by rising stars of the mystery and suspense field. Tales of revenge and retribution…police detectives…cozy characters…hardboiled P.I.s…there’s something here for every fan of crime and detection, including Vinnie’s story “Novel Solution.”

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Destination: Mystery!

This anthology could just have easily have been titled “Murder Takes a Vacation,” for it presents sixteen tales of mystery, murder, and crime set in popular vacation destinations. Vinnie’s story “Critical Mass” takes place in the tourist destination of Santa Cruz.

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Santa Cruz Weird

Seventeen tales of the wild, weird, and wacky in Santa Cruz. Famous local mystery writer Laurie King makes a cameo appearance in Vinnie’s story “Critical Mass.”

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Santa Cruz Noir

Vinnie Hansen’s “Miscalculation” provides a textbook example of how many twists can fit into the simple tale of a bank teller’s adventures with the Guitar Case Bandit.

—Kirkus Review

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Fault Lines

Read Vinnie’s story “The Last Word” in this first-ever anthology from the NorCal Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

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Fishy Business

Killer hooks and fishy characters will lure you into this fifth anthology from the Guppies Chapter of Sisters in Crime, featuring Vinnie’s story “Room and Board.” This volume nets you twenty-two crafty capers featuring slippery eels, wily sharks, and hard-boiled crabs. From ultra-modern computer crimes to old-fashioned confidence tricks, these tales are sure to satisfy your appetite for great short mystery fiction.

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Vinnie’s creative non-fiction piece “Geography Lessons” appears in this lovely quarterly. Four road trips build a route out of rural South Dakota—one a trip to see a dead body, one a rescue mission, one an elopement, and one an escape.

Gabba Gabba Hey

Gabba Gabba Hey is an anthology of fiction inspired by the music of the Ramones.

Writers from all over the world chose a Ramone’s song and wrote a story inspired by that song. From the hundreds of submissions, 24 stories were chosen, including Vinnie’s “I Want to Be Your Boyfriend.”

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Mystery Weekly

Read Vinnie’s story “Try Again” in this excellent monthly magazine–no perfume ads or advice columns, just chock-a-block crime fiction.

Suzi, a pole dancer, loses her job. She’s been duped and manipulated but will take a shot at reclaiming her dignity.

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