Lostart Street

Lostart Street is a cross-genre, stand-alone novel of mystery, murder, and moonbeams set in 1982.

“Crack storytelling and characters you swear you’ve met before.”–Susie Bright, author, editor, publisher.
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Lostart Street Discussion Questions


  1. Have you ever had to suddenly move to any city? What was the occasion?
  2. Did you find Cecile naïve? Do you think she should have picked up on clues about other characters more quickly?
  3. How did you feel when Mrs. Bean used the N-word? Were you surprised? Some readers might argue that the word should not have been included in the book. What do you think of this argument?
  4. Do you think Cecile should have said or done more when Mrs. Bean revealed her racist streak? Why or why not?
  5. Many readers respond positively to the sense of community in Lostart Street. But the community is composed of wounded souls. How do you feel about the neighborhood?
  6. Lostart Street is full of quirky, colorful characters. Who was your favorite? Why?
  7. How did you feel about the ending? Did you want more for Cecile?