One Tough Cookie

Carol Sabara Mystery #2

Carol Sabala’s boss sends the baker and amateur sleuth on a mission: find out who tampered with a teacher’s cookie dough and sickened the faculty. Eager to hone her investigative skills, Carol seizes the opportunity, but gets much more than she bargained for. While Carol gathers clues on the campus, a talented students is found dead on the high school stage. Did she fall? Commit suicide? Or did a killer hurl her from the catwalk? When Carol seeks answers, a ruthless stalker comes after her.

“With edgy precision, Hansen applies all the elements of a good mystery: interesting plot, compelling characters, a finely drawn sense of place, and excellent writing. One Tough Cookie has made me a fan, one who can’t wait to gorge on Rotten Dates.”
—Denise Osborne, author of the Feng Shui Mysteries and Queenie Davilov Mysteries