One Gun

One Gun

“Vinnie Hansen’s One Gun unspools a long, exquisite crescendo of foreboding and dread as clouds gather for a chilling, unexpected climax. Top-notch writing, sensitive touch, and heart-wrenching choices. Hansen is an author to watch.”
—James W. Ziskin, Anthony, Barry, and Macavity award-winning author

“In One Gun, Vinnie Hansen weaves a spell with a modern-day tale of suspense, pulling the reader into a riveting quest to see if justice will be served.

“When a gun used in a burglary falls into the wrong hands, a chase begins to find the gun before it and its owner can cause more mayhem. But of course things never go as planned when a gun is involved.

“The beautifully described setting is the central coast of California, where hidden forces drive the have-nots to desperate measures, and the criminal justice system is often on trial along with the criminals.

“A bravura outing by the author of the popular Carol Sabala mysteries.”
—G.M. Malliet, Agatha Award-winning author of the St. Just, Max Tudor, and Augusta Hawke mysteries



“A riveting book that will tear at your heart as the impact from one gun ricochets through a close-knit community. Hansen’s commanding voice weaves a compassionate tale that rings true and clear. You won’t be able to look away.”
—Edgar-nominated author Susan Bickford

“The weapon casts a gripping Chekhov-ian shadow over Hansen’s tense stand-alone thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews

“. . . a compelling cat-and-mouse game as perp, victims, and those caught in-between find themselves on different roads to obtaining or concealing evidence and the truth.”
—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review