Holiday Sale!

Before I get to the sale, let me say what a big success the NorCal Sisters in Crime Showcase was on November 4th at Books, Inc. in San Francisco. Even though we had only six books represented, the seats were jammed, possibly because it was our chapter’s 25th anniversary and our out-going president Terry Shames brought red-devil CAKE (what could be more appropriate?). Or, possibly we had a big crowd because of our exciting plans for a chapter anthology to be titled Fault Lines. Editor Peggy Lucke announced submission procedures at the event.

Bette and J.J. Lamb present their new thriller Bone Slice.

Or, maybe the draw was authors presenting their books with readings that were more like performances.

You can tell Dana Fredsti used to be an actress as she dramatically reads from her new book The Spawn of Lilith!

Now, about that sale. As the ninth child in our family, born on the 9th, in a year that adds to 9, who graduated in a year that adds to 9, I have an affinity for the number. So, just in time for the holidays, on Amazon, ALL of my Carol Sabala e-books will be reduced to $.99 and all the Carol

Sabala mystery paperbacks will be reduced to $9.99. The sale runs from now until New Year’s Day, 2018.

Happy holidays!



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