Travel, Books, Cookies – What a Prize Package!

Opportunity rained down on me like manna from heaven! A few months ago, Moon Travel Guides contacted me about being part of a promotional program. The seed idea was to pair Moon’s travel guides with books set in the guides’ destinations. For example, they recently paired their Colorado travel guides with the wonderful historical mysteries of my fellow Sister-in-Crime Ann Parker. Her series is set in Leadville, CO. They threw in some whiskey glasses to sweeten the deal.

I don’t know about you, but I love reading books located in the place I’ll be visiting! Before I went to Cuba, I gobbled up the mysteries of Leonardo Padura Fuentes. The last time I went to Paris, Cara Black’s Death in the Latin Quarter traveled in my suitcase. I not only read her mystery while staying in the Latin Quarter, but also used it as a road map for some of the places I wanted to see. I even tracked down the supposed scene of the crime.

I want to enter this giveaway myself! I wonder if that’s unethical. 🙂

Moon’s giveaways have expanded to be more than just a set of books. The current promotion includes my entire Carol Sabala series and 5 guide books for California, focusing on Northern California and the Central Coast where my mysteries are set. The package also contains 3 dozen yummy Santa Cruz Pacific Cookie Company cookies to munch while reading or camping or fueling a hike!

To top it off, a $200 gift card at Bookshop Santa Cruz. (If you read the fine print, you’ll see the offer is good for on-line bookstores as well.)

So get on over and enter now. This giveaway, worth over $400, is offered for only 1 week.


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