Santa Cruz Noir

It’s somewhat official. The editors of Akashic Books’ upcoming Santa Cruz Noir, told me, “We love your story and are thrilled to include it in Santa Cruz Noir.”  I haven’t signed any “bottom lines” yet, but I’m still doing a happy dance. Santa Cruz Noir will join the long list of Akashic Books’ very successful noir series, which includes everything from Brooklyn Noir to Zagreb Noir. The actual publication date is still tba, but I’m sure to announce it here two or three or 18 hundred times. 🙂

In my story, Miscalculation, the protagonist, a bank-teller ukulele player, pursues a bank-robbing ukulele player named Rudy. Ukulele players abound here in Santa Cruz, home to the world’s largest ukulele club. Stay posted for more news.


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